Long Island

Coastal Proection Solution & Opportunity for New Homes

Long Island : The Concept

As far back as 1991, the Concept Plan contained hints of an extension of the Singapore Island along the East Coast stretch into the sea.

This initial concept of the Long Island was proposed as a reclaimed island for beachfront housing and leisure and its existence was driven by studies for coastal protection.


The Long Island concept was further reiterated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his National Day Rally in 2019 as part of Singapore’s S$100 billion plan to protect itself from rising sea levels.

Long Island Map

Long Island : How It Will Work

The "Long Island" is envisioned to stretch around 15km from Marina East to Changi, and contains a reservoir flanked by two land spaces.

The purpose of the reservoir is to boost Singapore's water supply and protect its coastline from rising sea levels; and at the same time the land spaces can be developed for new homes and integrated with coastal parks and recreational spaces.

Climate change strategies when integrated with Singapore's long-term plans will help to meet our land use needs and provide opportunities to expand and enhance our green and blue network.

Long Island Image

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The ‘Long Island’ can be planned for future housing and other uses, and integrated with coastal parks and recreation spaces.


Long Island marked out as an upcoming residential area, as part of plans within Singapore's Long Term Plan Review (LTPR) 2021.

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