Marina Gardens Crescent GLS


Land Plot Released via GLS on 8 Dec 2022

Launching for Developer Tender Jun 2023

Est Public Sales : Q4 2024 / Q1 2025

EST. 775

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The Marina Gardens Crescent land plot was announced on 8 Dec 2022 as part of the 1H2023 GLS (Government Land Sales) Programme.

This land plot is a White Site, located strategically right beside Marina South MRT Station, part of the Thomson East Coast Line.

(Read more about White Sites here)

Occupying a land area of 186,215 sqft, the site can yield 775 condo units.

White Site allows widest range of land use : commercial, residential, hotel, etc
Directly beside Marina South MRT Station
Within the up and coming Marina South region
Launching for Developer Tender in June 2023
Est. Public Sales : Q4 2024 / Q1 2025

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About Marina Gardens Crescent GLS Site

The Marina Gardens Crescent site was announced on 8 Dec 2022 as part of the Confirmed List within the 1H2023 GLS (Government Land Sales) Programme.

(Read more : Release of first half of 2023 Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme 8 Dec 2022)

This is a much sought after White Site, which offers Developers the greatest flexibility in determining the mix of uses for the land plot, which can include a combination of Residential, Commercial and Hotel.

The site occupies a large area of 186,215 sqft, and can yield an estimated 775 units.

Strategic Location Within Marina South

This land plot is the second GLS land to be released within the upcoming Marina South region, after the Marina Gardens Lane GLS plot, which was officially launched for Developer tender in Dec 2022.

The land plot is also directly beside Marina South MRT Station along the Thomson East Coast Line, which offers future residents unparalleled convenience.


About Marina South

Marina South overlooks the Marina Reservoir and the Straits of Singapore.  Home to national attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, Marina Barrage and the future Marina South Coastal Park, as well as the upcoming Marina South mixed-use residential neighbourhood, it is envisioned as an attractive, sustainable and community-centric district.  These Urban Design guidelines focus on creating a sustainable 10-minute district that is characterised by lushly-landscaped, well-connected, pedestrian and cyclist-friendly streets, and a lively and inclusive public realm, with amenities within easy reach for both residents and visitors alike.

Set amid lush gardens, Marina South, which borders the southern coast seeks to redefine city living as a forward-looking, convivial mixed-use neighbourhood. Imagine a neighbourhood next to Marina Bay and the Central Business District (CBD) that is:

  1. A green and blue cool urban oasis with sustainable features;
  2. A 10-minute neighbourhood with the necessary daily amenities within a 10-minute walk; and
  3. A welcoming, inclusive, community-centric precinct with a lively public realm.

Being a greenfield site, Marina South presents a unique opportunity to champion sustainable living from the start. The precinct has been planned based on the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)’s Green Mark (GM) for Districts framework – Platinum rating. Developments in Marina South are to also attain the accreditation of GM Platinum Super Low Energy (SLE), as well as Maintainability, Whole of Life Carbon and Health and Wellbeing badges. A district planned to harness the prevailing winds, Marina South presents itself as a cool green and blue oasis.

Marina South is well connected to Marina Bay, the CBD and the rest of Singapore via public transit and major roads. Two stations along the Thomson East-Coast (TEL) Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail line serve the area. Planned as a car-lite district, it is a self-sufficient neighbourhood with amenities and key recreational facilities planned within an easy 10-minute walk via leafy streets and a comprehensive cycling network. Together with a wide array of public spaces, from a buzzy pedestrian mall to a convivial neighbourhood street, Marina South is set to provide a welcoming experience to residents and visitors alike.

Marina South Urban Design Guide

The urban design guide aims to guide the physical development of the area to ensure that individual buildings contribute to the planning vision to create an attractive, sustainable and community-centric district. 

About White Sites

White Sites as marked out by URA, are areas used or intended to be used mainly for commercial, hotel,
residential, sports & recreational and other compatible uses, or a combination of two or more such uses as a mixed development. 

The White Site can be developed into any one or more of the following uses:

  1. Residential
  2. Office
  3. Shop
  4. Hotel
  5. Serviced Apartments
  6. Recreation Club
  7. Association
  8. Convention/Exhibition Centre
  9. Entertainment

See here for more information on Master Plan Zoning

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