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Please note that following the announcement of "Tengah Plantation Loop EC", the government has announced the plot "Plantation Close" in Dec 2022.

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On the 7 June 2022, the Singapore Government announced the Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme for the second half of 2022 (2H2022), which comprises six Confirmed List sites and eight Reserve List sites. These sites can yield about 7,310 private residential units, 94,750 sqm gross floor area (GFA) of commercial space and 530 hotel rooms. 

Of these sites, Tengah Plantation Loop was one of the sites, which makes it the second EC plot after Tengah Garden Walk to be launched in the upcoming Tengah residential area. 

First mover advantage in the up and coming Tengah residential zone
Minutes walk to the upcoming Bukit Batok West MRT Station (Jurong Region Line)

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Copen Grand

Tengah Garden Walk
Developer: CDL, MCL
No. of Units : 639
Launched on 22 Oct 2022
Sold 73% on Launch Day
Sold 100% on 26 Nov 2022


Tengah Plantation Close EC

Launched for Developer Tender in Dec 2022
Minutes walk to the upcoming Tengah Park MRT
Est Public Sales Launch: Q4 2024


About Tengah Plantation Loop EC

  • Land Use : Executive Condominium
  • Estimated Site Area : 1.77 ha (190,521 sqft)
  • Gross Plot Ratio : 2.8 
  • Estimated Housing Units : 495
  • Estimated Launch Date for Land Sales to Developer : Dec 2022

Tengah Plantation Loop EC Location

Tengah Plantation Loop EC - Street View

Tengah Plantation Loop EC Press Coverage

Release of second half of 2022 Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme

7 June 2022 , URA

The Government today announced the Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme for the second half of 2022 (2H2022), which comprises six Confirmed List sites and eight Reserve List sites. These sites can yield about 7,310 private residential units, 94,750 sqm gross floor area (GFA) of commercial space and 530 hotel rooms.

The Confirmed List comprises five private residential sites [including one Executive Condominium (EC) site] and one commercial & residential site, which can yield about 3,505 private residential units (including 495 EC units) and 14,750 sqm GFA of commercial space. The Reserve List comprises six private residential sites (including two EC sites), one White site and one hotel site. These Reserve List sites can yield an additional 3,805 private residential units (including 1,000 EC units), 80,000 sqm GFA of commercial space and 530 hotel rooms. 

Government raises confirmed private housing supply by 26%, to launch first sale site in Marina South

7 June 2022 , CNA

Of the sites on the Confirmed List, Marina Gardens Lane, Tampines Avenue 11 and Tengah Plantation Loop (EC) are new sites. The other three sites, Bukit Timah Link, Hillview Rise and Lentor Gardens are transferred from the Reserve List in the previous Programme.


About Tengah 

Tengah will be Singapore’s first smart and sustainable town, with green features and smart technologies. The development of Tengah will provide new homes and workspaces in the Western region of Singapore, and complement other developments in Tengah, Jurong Innovation District, and Jurong Lake District.

Tengah’s plans will capitalise on Tengah’s unique identity and offer residents new living and recreational opportunities. The key features of Tengah will revolve around nature and the community, to create an endearing town where future residents can experience being “At Home with Nature”.

Tengah is expected to house about 42,000 new homes across 5 residential districts, each designed according to their unique character.

Key Features

Looking to the future, the development of Tengah will revolve around nature and the community; one where residents can experience being “At Home with Nature”. This includes:

Creating Five Unique Districts

(1) Plantation District will be the home of community farming, with a Community Farmway running through the precincts. There will be opportunities for facilities and activities such as farmers’ markets and “farm-to-table” dining.

(2) Garden District is framed by Tengah Pond and Central Park. This will be a unique urban sanctuary that is complemented by a garden-themed farmway that encourages communal activities and active-living.

(3) Park District will be the hub and heart of Tengah. It will be home to the first “car-free” town centre in Singapore. The district will be surrounded by lush landscaping and the Forest Corridor.

(4) The Brickland District reminisces Tengah’s industrial past in producing bricks. It will offer unobstructed views of the surrounding greenery.

The Forest Hill District is designed based on the concept of “living amidst nature”, and brings nature right to your doorstep

Creating an Evergreen Forest Town

We developed the Biophilic Town Framework to promote a greater sense of place, better health and well-being, and enhance the quality of life for our residents. The framework also guides the development of Tengah town to create nature-centric neighbourhoods in a holistic manner, so that residents can better connect with nature and enjoy its intrinsic benefits.

Provisions for walking and cycling everywhere

Tengah residents can look forward to convenient modes of transport within and around the town. They can access neighbouring towns or the city through the planned Jurong Region Line, or buses. Majority of Tengah residents will live within walking distance to an MRT station.

Provisions for moving around with ease

To support Singapore’s movement towards a car-lite and people-friendly environment, Tengah will have Singapore’s first “car-free” HDB town centre. The roads will run beneath the town centre, freeing up spaces at ground level. With this separation of pedestrian roads from motor traffic, the heart of the town centre will be safe and friendly for walking, cycling, as well as for recreational activities.

Enabling close-knit communities

Tengah will offer comprehensive facilities at the town, district, and precinct levels for convenience, such as medical facilities, a town center, sports hub, and an integrated community hub. There will also be new-generation HDB neighbourhood centres that offer a wide range of facilities and connectivity to transport nodes and other communal facilities to meet the residents’ daily needs.

Creating a smart and sustainable town

While preserving the natural forest nature of Tengah, we will also put in place infrastructure to ensure that Tengah is well equipped to meet the technological needs of a Smart and Sustainable Town.

  • Smart Planning: Computer simulation and data analytics tools are used to refine the planning and design of HDB towns, precincts and buildings so as to optimise wind flow and minimise heat, as well as to derive optimal, cost-effective solutions to achieve sustainability goals

  • Smart Energy Management: HDB is partnering SP Group to study the potential of developing Tengah into a Smart Energy Town, by tapping on Artificial Intelligence. SP Group will develop a software system to optimise energy use and promote energy conservation across the town, and an app for residents to more accurately monitor their energy usage

  • Smart Lighting: Smart lighting will be utilised to manage the lighting levels based on human traffic within the precincts. This helps to reduce energy consumption while ensuring there is sufficient lighting

  • Automated Waste Collection: The Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) is an automated waste collection system that uses high-speed air to transport household waste. It helps create a cleaner and more hygienic living environment by reducing odour and spillages associated with manual collection, and minimising pest infestation

  • Electric Vehicle-ready: Tengah will support the installation of charging stations at car parks to benefit owners of electric vehicles
  • Smart-Enabled Homes: Tengah HDB homes will each come equipped with smart switched socket outlets and a smart distribution board. Through a mobile application, residents can have a breakdown of your household energy consumption, letting them make informed decisions to adopt lifestyle adjustments to improve household energy usage that would translate to cost savings

  • Centralised Cooling System: HDB will be piloting a centralised cooling system at selected precincts, to regulate the temperature within residents’ flats. This system will be more energy-efficient than individual air-conditioning units, which may result in lower utility bills for residents.

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