Your Guide to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)


Except as otherwise provided at the REIT statement of belief, but people who are appointed by REIT Unitholders in accordance with this progress request Provision shall be eligible for position as REIT Trustees. Nominations of people for vote to this REIT committee may take given for any yearly gathering of REIT Unitholders, or for any particular gathering of REIT Unitholders if one of these purposes for which the special meeting was called was

To take timely, the Nominating REIT unitholder’s attention to the REIT Trustees must be given: (I ) in the example of the annual gathering of REIT Unitholders, Not not as much as 30 nor more than 60 times prior to the day of the yearly gathering of REIT Unitholders; allowed, yet, This at this event the this yearly gathering of REIT Unitholders is to be taken on the day this is not as much as 50 times after this day (this “ notification day ”) that is the earlier of the date that a notice of meeting is filed for such meeting or the date on which the first public announcement of the date of the annual meeting was made, Request by this Nominating REIT Unitholder may be given not later than the end of job on the tenth day following the notice meeting, And (ii ) at this example of the particular encounter (which is not also the annual gathering) of REIT Unitholders named for the intention of electing REIT Trustees (whether or not called for other purposes) , Not later than that end of commerce on the fifteenth day being this time that is this earlier of this day that the request of gathering is filed for specified gathering or the date on which the first public announcement of the date of the special meeting of REIT Unitholders was made.

This position of REIT Trustees: (I ) by or in this position of this REIT committee, including pursuant to the request of gathering, (ii ) by Slate pursuant to its nomination rights provided in the REIT Declaration of Trust, (iii ) by or in the position or asking of one or more REIT Unitholders pursuant to the requisition of this REIT Unitholders created in agreement with this REIT statement of Trust, Or (iv ) by any individual (letter “ Nominating REIT Unitholder ” ): (letter ) who, in this end of job on the day of this gift of the notice provided for below and on the record date for notice of such meeting, Equals participated at this reit’s record as the bearer of one or furtherer REIT Units holding that place to state in specified gathering or who beneficially owns REIT Units that are entitled to be voted at such meeting; and (b ) who complies with the notice procedures set forth in the Advance notice Provision.

This is later to the day of acknowledgement by the REIT of the Redemption request. REIT Units shall be thought to be tendered for salvation on this day that this REIT gets, to the satisfaction of the REIT committee, Had the Redemption request and additional documents or information that REIT may reasonably be with regard to the recognition, power or authority of the individual making much attention.

Subject to relevant laws and the circumstances listed below, the REIT can pay the REIT Units specified at such Redemption request. The cost per REIT component payable upon repayment would differ for each course of REIT Units and can remain from the proportionate benefit that specified REIT part is of the overall redemption value of the REIT Units (the “ redemption value ” ).

This salvation cost per REIT component multiplied by this amount of REIT Units tendered for salvation (calculated individually at regard of each course of REIT Units of which REIT Units represent being redeemed) will be paid to a REIT Unitholder by way of a cash payment no later than the last day of the calendar month following the calendar quarter in which the REIT Units were tendered for redemption.

REIT Units are redeemable in any moment on demand by the holders thereof upon transfer to the REIT of the duly finished and right performed request requesting salvation in the manner reasonably acceptable to the trustees of the REIT, Collectively with published messages as to the amount of REIT Units to be redeemed. Upon acknowledgement of this repayment request by this REIT, all rights to and under these REIT Units tendered for


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