Private Residential Property Data

Thursday, 23 May 2024

Private Residential Property Data

The datasets below pertaining to Private Property in Singapore are extracted from, Singapore's national open data collection portal.

Private Residential Property Price Index (Base Quarter 2009-Q1 = 100), Quarterly

The prices in 2009-Q1 are used as the base reference price of the index. The indices are compiled based on a Stratified Hedonic Regression method. The value of properties transacted in the past 5 quarters are used as weights. The weights are revised every 3 years. The latest revision was in 2015-Q1.

Property Price Index of Non-landed Properties by Locality, Quarterly

Private Residential Property Rental Index , (Base Quarter 2009-Q1 = 100), Quarterly

The residential rental index covers only private residential properties. It does not cover HDB flats.

The rental index is computed from information obtained in returns filed with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). When a property is let out, the property owner has to inform IRAS the details of the tenancy agreement. Besides an overall rental index for private residential properties, sub-indices for landed and non-landed properties are also compiled

Stamp Duty Assessed for Private Residential Properties

  • The statistics are based on date of execution of the Sale & Purchase document. 
  • Private residential properties include executive condominiums but exclude residential land.
  • The statistics for CY2011 and CY2012 are based on stamped documents received by 31 March 2013. From CY2013 onwards, statistics are based on documents stamped by 31 March of the following year (e.g. CY2013 statistics are based on documents stamped by 31 March 2014)

Annual Value and Property Tax By Property Type

  • The Annual Value of the property is the estimated annual rent of the property if it were to be let, excluding the rent for furniture, fittings and service charge.
  • Number of cases refers to the number of property assessments. Properties may be assessed individually or collectively as a group.
  • Property Tax Collection excludes Contribution in-lieu of Property Tax, Compounding Fee and Fees & Licences
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